About rizviArts

rizviArts is the home of contemporary Islamic art and apparel. All our artwork is digitally handcrafted using modern techniques, whilst remaining true to the values and traditions of Islamic art. From high quality canvases to eye catching T shirts, our goal is to produce items that are creative and unique.

rizviArts specialise in creating Islamic artwork, apparel and accessories that echoes the wonderful traditions of the past, yet stands confidently in the present. Whether hung on the wall or worn on the body, our aim is to offer modern-day Muslims art and apparel that reflects their values.


rizviArts features the artwork of Haseeb Rizvi, a graphic designer and digital artist. Haseeb started his journey into Islamic art at a young age and his artwork has been featured worldwide. Haseeb enjoys creating Islamic artwork which fuses the past and the present through an array of self taught digital techniques and original ideas.